Lake Võrtsjärv visitor's centre

Lake Võrtsjärv visitor's centre welcomes tourists from Estonia and abroad. We offer tourism information about lake Võrtsjärv, you can buy various souvenirs and a small cafe is also open to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee right on the shore of the lake. On the second floor of the visitor's centre you can take a look at a wonderful nature photos exhibiton by the Baltics best landscape photographer Andrei Reinol. And the same rooms are perfect for holding a seminar or a birthday party. On the visitor's centre's recreation area is a bird watching tower open for everyone at every time, a boat pier and a slip. Caravan parking lot, many tent areas, fire places and climbing and playing attractions for children make it a perfect place for a family vacation. From the visitor's centre you can also book a ride on the traditional lake Võrtsjärv kaleboat, that can carry up to 12 people and the captain will make the trip route according to your own wishes. Kaleboats were once very popular on lake Võrtsjärv for fishing, but at this moment there are only 3 kaleboats - Laura, Paula and Liisu - that were built according to old traditions and are now sailing the lake for fishing or for cruise trips. Lake Võrtsjärv visitor's centre is open on 27.09.15 from 11-19 and everyone is most welcome!