Executive Council - Eighty-ninth session

Executive Council - Eighty-ninth session

24 October 2010 - 26 October 2010 Kish Island - Iran



Final list of participants

Preliminary Programme

Information Note No. 1

Information Note No. 1 - Annex 1 (Kish Air flight schedules)

Information Note No. 1 - Annex 2 (Accommodation form)

Information Note No. 1 - Annex 3 (City tour to Isfahan)

Information Note No. 1 - Annex 4 (Complementary information on Isfahan)

Information Note No. 2

1. Provisional agenda (CE/89/1 prov.)

1. Annotated Provisional Agenda (CE/89/1 prov.annot.)

2. Communication of the Chairman (CE/89/2)

3. Report of the Secretary-General (CE/89/3)

4(a) Implementation of the general programme of work for 2010-2011 (CE/89/4(a))

4(b) Report of the Programme Committee (CE/89/4(b)

4(c) Merging of the Programme Committee and the Committee on Budget and Finance (CE/89/4(c))

5(a) Financial situation of the Organization (CE/89/5(a))

5(a) Addendum 1

5(b) Application of Article 34 of the Statutes and paragraph 13 of the Financing Rules attached to the Statutes (CE/89/5(b))

5(b) Addendum 1

5(c) Use of the UNWTO logo (CE/89/5(c))

6. United Nations system activities (CE/89/6)

7. Second draft of the White Paper (CE/89/7)

8. Study on tourist/consumer protection (CE/89/8)

9(a) Report of the Chairman of the Affiliate Members (CE/89/9(a))

10. Election of the Executive Council’s officers for 2011 (CE/89/10)

11. Place and dates of the ninetieth session of the Executive Council (CE/89/11)

Ref. Doc. 1. Positioning Tourism in Economic Policy: Evidence and Some Proposals

Ref. Doc. 2. Questionnaire on Tourism and Employment: Overview of Results

Ref. Doc. 3. 2nd T.20 Ministers Meeting

Ref. Doc. 4. The UNWTO Knowledge network

Ref. Doc. 5. Presentation on the UNWTO Knowledge Network

Ref. Doc. 6. Implementation of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

Ref. Doc. 7. Silk Road Action Plan 2010/2011


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