EPAR - Escola Profissional Almirante Reis e o Dia Mundial do Turismo

EPAR, ESCOLA PROFISSIONAL ALMIRANTE REIS AND WORLD TOURISM DAY, SEPTEMBER 27th On September 27th EPAR, Escola profissional Almirante Reis, celebrates (both teachers and students) World Tourism Day, under the theme “Tourism for All” Both accessibility and mobility of the local population as well as the tourist’s have been one of the main focuses of the Tourism World Organization(UNWTO). Since EPAR is also deeply concerned with this social cause and being located in Lisbon, we believe (as it has been our tradition for the last few years) it’s important to celebrate this special day by hosting a series of activities that embody its relevance. In the morning various tour itineraries will be performed by our students in order to make them think about both positive and negative aspects and procedures concerning acessibility and mobillity in a city like Lisbon, the capital, which is increasingly growing as a both national and international tourist attraction. In the afternoon, bearing in mind the same theme, EPAR, together with Sociedade Histórica para a Independência de Portugal (The Historical Society for the Independence of Portugal) will be at Palácio da Independência, Largo de São Domingo 11, to debate this topic launched by the Wordl Tourism Organization We will have as our distinuished guests:  Dr. José Alarcão Troni, President of Sociedade Histórica da Independência de Portugal 001  Architect Luís Lamas from Sociedade Histórica da Independência de Portugal e do Grupo Almargem.  Dr. Pedro Brandão, from Go It’s Accessible – Milacessos, crl.  Dr. José Pastoria from Benavente Town Hall  Eng.º Nuno Oliveira from Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua  Dr. José Monteiro from Adventure Park, Ld.ª EPAR, Escola Profissional Almirante Reis wishes to promote World Toursim Day and help to raise awareness in our students as well as the Lisbon community for something so simple but so important as access parity for all.