discover the sele tanagro a territory between two rivers of history. Visit the 16 small countries Sele Tanagro with their stories, their heritage and you will see that tourism is an element of potential social and economic development

We invite you to discover a small territory in the province of Salerno on the border with the Irpinia and Lucania Sele Tanagro the two rivers that enclose a casket made by 16 small countries but each with its own peculiarities tourist. A place where tourism is becoming more and more the focus of sustainable economic and social development where going visiting castles national museums and local history, traditions, spas, mountains with wonderful trails, rivers with beautiful scenery, cultural events and gastronomy and wine mushrooms truffles, natural caves, villas with Italian gardens amazing. Ghost towns and many events throughout the year Small and old communities but with a great future: Auletta Buccino Caggiano Country Castelnuovo di Conza Colliano Contursi Terme Laviano Oliveto Citra Palomonte Ricigliano Romagnano al M. Salvitelle San Gregorio Magno Santomenna Valva