Blackbook Traveler - Post your own Travel Warning

Blackbook Traveler chose to launch its International Travel Safety Website on World Tourism Day last year. The website promotes safe travel for the global travelling community, by providing a platform for locals and travelers alike, to post their own warnings to other travelers on issues surrounding travel safety, security, health and missing travelers for any destination. Through the site, members can sign up for travel alerts for any given destination. When new alerts are posted by travellers on the website, users signed up for location will receive the post warning, via their email. In linking with this years WTD theme of Tourism and Community Development, Blackbook Traveler would like to empower legitimate local tourism organisations, community members and the traveling community to expose the minority of bad or illegal practices that may bring disrepute to local tourism communities. By posting your travel warning here at you can help strengthen local tourism industries and steer travelers away from harms way, creating a safer and more pleasurable travel experience for all.