UNWTO to support Tajikistan’s tourism development

UNWTO and the Government of Tajikistan have agreed to advance the country’s tourism sector through a series of concrete initiatives. UNWTO will support Tajikistan in the elaboration of a marketing strategy, the improvement of tourism statistics and the development of biodiversity-based tourism products.

The agreement to develop these initiatives follows the high priority given by the Government of Tajikistan to tourism development and takes place within the framework of Tajikistan’s Tourism Development Concept for 2019.

Tajikistan’s support of the development of the tourism sector has been reflected in recent improvements in access, namely in terms of easier visa regimes, improved overall accommodation standards and investments in the preservation of the country’s biodiversity, one of its priorities.

Tourism development in the country will be based on three axes, ecotourism, mountain tourism and cultural tourism, and will explore Tajikistan’s positioning along the Silk Road, the historic trade route linking numerous tourism destinations.

Tajikistan has been a member of UNWTO since 2007.

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