UNWTO Regional Course in Europe on Cultural Routes Tourism Development Strategy for Cultural Routes and their partners

The World Tourism Organization with the support of its UNWTO.Themis Foundation and the European Institute of Cultural Routes in the framework of the Council of the Europe-European Commission Joint Programme 2013-2014 on Cultural Routes has designed and offers the Council of Europe Cultural Routes' (CoE CR) partners an executive training course on Cultural Routes Tourism Development Strategy in English, from 8th to 12th September, in Gaillac, France

This course examines key elements of a tourism destination, important concepts in tourism strategy, quality and sustainability, underpinning principles of the Council of Europe Cultural Routes, tourism development methodology, situational analysis, evaluation and monitoring. 

The aim is to provide the participants with knowledge, skills, tools and a forum for discussion and reflection that will enable them to design a Cultural Route Tourism Development Strategy, with unique emphasis on collaboration with other cultural routes.


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