Indonesia’s visa-free policy

Indonesia’s visa-free policy


Indonesia’s visa-free policy


The government of the Republic of Indonesia has granted visa-free facility for 169 countries, special administration regions, or particular entities as regulated by the Presidential Regulation Number 21/2016 dated 2 March 2016 on Visa-Free.

The visa-free facility is valid for maximum stay of 30 (thirty) days, non-extendable, and non-convertible to any other stay permit. This visa-free facility has no restriction on the number of visits in a year.

To obtain this visa-free facility, visitors can enter and exit from 124 immigration check points throughout Indonesia.

The above measure is in keeping with the travel facilitation study of UNWTO in 2013 which showed that visa simplification would increase international arrivals in a country by 20 to 25%.

Indonesia ranked 30th in the world received 10.4 million international arrivals in 2015 a 10.3% increase over the previous year.

The visa-free facility will no doubt boost Indonesia’s growing tourism sector.

*Visa-free countries and list of immigration check points attached.