2015 Top 10 News of Chinese Tourism Industry

2015 Top 10 News of Chinese Tourism Industry



04 JAN 2016

Witnessing the Development of Tourism under Concerted Efforts

     —At the Moment of Releasing 2015 Top 10 News of Chinese Tourism Industry

“Taking fast but steady steps to come over mountains and hills.” The just-concluded Central Economic Working Conference proposed to upgrade and transform tourism so as to let tourism play a positive role in driving investment, consumption, export and thus economic development. At this inspiring moment, CNTA Information Office now releases the long-awaited “2015 Top 10 News of Chinese Tourism Industry”.

The top 10 news are all major events covered by media home and abroad, and have propelled the tourism reform forward. Thus they are representative and innovative, receiving much attention of the whole society. By releasing the top 10 news, we are summarizing this year’s work, encouraging better development in the future, and promoting the in-depth understanding of the tourism industry and concerted efforts to develop tourism.

It is noteworthy that these top 10 news were selected with collective wisdom. Since late November, CNTA Information Office have invited major media at central level and from the industry to summarize major events within the tourism sector, and thus selected 30 candidate news, among which, 10 were pinned down as “2015 Top 10 News of Chinese Tourism Industry” by a committee formed by senior tourism journalists, scholars of journalism colleges and experts in tourism industry.

Together with the TOP 10 News of Chinese Tourism Industry, CNTA has also released the 2015 Top 10 Personalities in Chinese Tourism Industry and the 2015 Top 10 News of World Tourism Industry.

Li Jinzao, Chairman of China National Tourism Administration, stated ¨World tourism had a positive overall landscape in 2015, and we are getting ready for the even brighter 2016 right ahead.¨ in his message – Promoting Tourism with Global Perspective. (Please click here to see the message).

It is believed that under the leadership of CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the support of whole society, Chinese tourism can overcome hardships and achieve further progress with our concerted efforts.



Top Ten News of Chinese Tourism Industry in 2015 

1. Acting in line with the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, launching a nationwide revolution of tourist toilet

2. China’s Travel & Tourism Sector Contributes over 10% of GDP and 10% of Total Employment

3. President Xi Jinping attended the China-Japan Friendly Exchange Conference and delivered an important speech during the visit of a 3,000-member Japanese tourism delegation in China

4. “China Tourism Year” was held successfully in ROK with President Xi Jinping and President Park Geun-hye sending letters of congratulation, and Premier Li Keqiang and Speaker of the National Assembly of the ROK Chung Ui-hwa attending the closing ceremony

5. On July 28, the Several Opinions on Further Promoting Tourism Investment and Consumption was adopted by the Executive Meeting of the State Council presided over by Premier Li Keqiang, in which the tourism investment promotional plan was clearly put forward for the first time

6. Carrying out the One Belt and One Road initiative, holding the Year of Silk Road Tourism

7. “Tourism+” Action Plan was issued to foster new driving force for economic development

8. Record of indecent tourist behaviors was established to enhance regulation on tourism civility

9. Life-tenure of 5A scenic spots was abolished to activate the dynamic management mechanism for scenic spots

10. Tourism has become a major method of poverty alleviation as rural tourism lifted tens of millions of people out of poverty

Further information on the top 10 news can be found at here.


Top Ten Personalities in Chinese Tourism Industry in 2015

Gao Qiuling, Tourist, Hubei

Hu Dayi, Tourist, Beijing

Li Lingyu, Tour Guide, Ningxia

Liu Menggang, Tour Guide, Guangxi

Liu Yi, General Manager, Beijing Tourism Group (BTG)

Lin Shaoqing, Chairman, Fujian Renwoyou Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Shi Xin,Tourism Volunteer, Shenzhen

Su Zhigang, Chairman, Chimelong Group Co., Ltd

Wang Ping, President, China Chamber of Tourism

Ye Hongmin, Party Secretary, Langsi Zhuangyuan Village, Xiuning County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province

The CV of each personality can be found by clicking the name.

Further information on this news realease is available at the CNTA’s official website http://en.cnta.gov.cn/

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