Research and education, the backbone of sustainable tourism development

The recent UNWTO Knowledge Network Symposium and UNWTO.TedQual Information Seminar highlighted the importance of innovative research and education to support the advancement of sustainable tourism development. It was the first time that the UNWTO Knowledge Network and the UNWTO.TedQual Programme joined together to advance a common agenda (Hong Kong SAR, People´s Republic of China, 16-17 November 2013).

The Symposium enabled the sharing of best practices in innovative tourism research, education and training to enhance tourism practices in both public and private sectors, in order to reinforce the knowledge of future leaders in tourism. It was hosted by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a member of the UNWTO Affiliates and Knowledge Network as well as the UNWTO.TedQual Programme.

”The Knowledge Network supports innovation in policy, governance and other key areas of tourism development. As a strategic UNWTO resource within the UNWTO Affiliate Members, it contributes to advance priorities such as competitiveness, quality, sustainability and ethics”, said Márcio Favilla, UNWTO Executive Director for Competitiveness, External Relationship and Partnerships, in opening the event.

The Knowledge Network meeting outlined its way forward with a special focus on the Asia and the Pacific region. Current and potential Knowledge Network and TedQual members from around the world agreed to reinforce joint efforts in linking tourism research developments with policy makers and practitioners, while also establishing a platform for further collaboration.

UNWTO Knowledge Network

The UNWTO Knowledge Network (KN) is an inclusive knowledge community within the UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme, aiming to stimulate the creation, dissemination and application of tourism knowledge. The KN is made up of over 140 institutions, organizations and enterprises from 55 different countries and territories, with the mission to bridge the gap between knowledge generators and those with the capacity to put such knowledge into practice, while serving as a discussion platform for its members.


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