UNWTO International Symposium on Mega Events and Tourism

Mega events constitute a major bet for a city’s development strategy. They usually imply high investments and big changes in the structures of the cities hosting them, but if properly planned and managed they can generate a relevant and beneficial immediate economic, social, environmental, emotional and political impact. Most importantly, they can become the trigger event for long term city transformation and for a tourism development strategy that allows the organizing city to become a World Class Destination.

The International Symposium on Mega Events and Tourism will examine the power of mega-events to not only stimulate the tourism industry and enhance the tourism economy, but also strengthen national image, social unity, global respect and country infrastructure.

Keynote Presentations will cover the themes:

  • Mega Events as Part of a Long-Term Tourism Development Strategy
  • Mega Events, the Efficient Driver of Regional Economy
  • Mega Events with a Participatory Approach: Towards a More Vigorous Urban Tourism
  • Mega Events: Improving the Development of City Tourism – a World Expo 2010 Shanghai China Case Study
  • Mega Events: Igniting Tourism Growth and Opportunity – A 2010 FIFA World Cup Case Study



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