International Seminar on Tourism and Culture

International Seminar on Tourism and Culture

Although there are multiple and varied definitions of cultural tourism, we will initially take into account its definition established from a broad perspective by the UNWTO in 1995 as “all movements of people to meet the human need for diversity, aimed at raising the cultural level of the individual, providing new knowledge, experiences and encounters.” The same source gives us a narrower definition that refers to the “movements of persons for essentially cultural motivations such as study tours, performing arts and other cultural tours, travel to festivals and other cultural events, visit to sites and monuments". Read more…

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For further information about the 60th UNWTO Regional Commission for the Americas, please click here.

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Panel 1: Cultural tourism as a tool for competitiveness and economic growth: job creation and benefits for the communities involved

Sandra Howard Taylor, Vice Minister, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Colombia

Ingrid Rivera, Executive Director, Puerto Rico Tourism Company

Edgardo José Venturini, Product Manager, Cordoba Tourism Agency, Argentina

Hugh Riley, Secretary-General, Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)

Michel Durrieu, Head of Tourism Unit, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, France

Panel 2: Promotion and marketing of cultural tourism destinations: knowing your target market

María del Carmen de Reparaz, Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Tourism, Perú

Marcela Bacigalupo, Minister, National Secretariat of Tourism, Paraguay

Emilio Silvestri, Director, Honduran Tourism Institute, Honduras

Nava Castro, Director, Tourism Galicia, Spain

Antonio López de Ávila, President, SEGITTUR, Spain

Panel 3: Linking heritage and culture to tourism: quality management of World Heritage Sites and cultural institutions

Maribel Villalona, Gen. Coordinator, Development Programme, Ministry of Tourism, Dominican Republic

Fernando Brugman, Coordinator, Cultural Programme, UNESCO, Cuba

Liliam Kechichian, Minister, Ministry of Tourism, Uruguay

Stéphanie Villedrouin, Honorary Member of the Tourism Association of Haiti, Haití

Fernando Olivera Rocha, Secretary, Tourism Secretariat of the State of Guanajuato, Mexico

Gladys Collazo Usallán, President of the National Council of World Heritage, Cuba

Panel 4: Urban regeneration through cultural tourism: reinforcing the supply side

Donald Hawkins, Eisenhower Professor of Tourism Policy, George Washington University, USA

Hermes Navarro, Chief, Investment Attraction, Costa Rica Tourism Board

Ramón Mayo, President, KALAM, Spain

Patricia Rodríguez Alomá, Director, Master Plan for the Historical Office of Havana, Cuba





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