Event Flow of World Tourism Day 2021:

Tourism and Inclusive Growth: Embracing the Voices of Diversity

World Tourism Day event is the flagship event organized every year by the Department of B.Voc. Tourism and Travel Management of Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College. The event is conducted on the theme that is decided by UNWTO. This year the theme is "Tourism for Inclusive Growth", celebrating tourism's ability to drive inclusive development and the role it plays in promoting respect while generating opportunities for millions across the globe.
The department is proud to announce the fourth edition of the World Tourism Day Event which is going to be held from 27th September to 7th October 2021. The event aims to ignite discussions about inclusive tourism and how tourism makes the world a better
place. With various intellectual webinars attended by students across the country and media coverage of the event, World Tourism Day event has always been a successful one.

Event Flow of World Tourism Day 2021:

1) BUDGET TIPS & TRICKS (Instagram Live) (Pre-Event)- The main motive of this session is to impart knowledge about budget friendly travel. This session will help backpackers and money conscious travelers as it will focus majorly on how people can save their money and time whilst traveling. It will also give insights into the do's and don'ts to be followed while planning a budget travel experience and destinations suitable for such trips.

2) ZEN ART (In-House) (Pre-Event)- Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College, Department of B.Voc. Tourism and Travel Management has organized a ‘Zen Art’ workshop in collaboration with PYMA Organization, Delhi. The workshop is organized exclusively for the students of Ruia B.Voc. Tourism and Travel Management. Ms. Nandini Bansal will be the prime facilitator of this workshop.

3) R.E.D. TALK- ABHIMANTA stands for “Pride” in Sanskrit. The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of pride is the ability to comfortably and safely express oneself. Experiences for LGBTQIA+ travelers may vary globally, so it is important to have an understanding of how and where to travel so that one can have an enjoyable and safe trip. The R.E.D. (Ruia Educational Department) Talk aims for greater understanding about the the LGBTQIA+ travelers and their safety along with awareness regarding LGBTQIA+ tourism and the upcoming destinations and experiences in the world for the people of the LGBTQIA+ community.

(Webinar 1)- Millennials whilst traveling around the world experiences certain situations based on their ethnicity. This Webinar aims at knowing the perspective of a travel enthusiast on the experiences of the people of Asian/African origin and indigenous communities when they travel abroad.

5) LOCALS: AN INDIVISIBLE PART OF TOURISM (Webinar 2)- This webinar is based on the theme of UNWTO for World Tourism Day 2021, i.e. "Tourism for Inclusive Growth”. The participation of locals is very helpful for the sustainability of the tourism industry at any destination. It is important to preserve their history, cultural heritage and develop the local communities’ identity.

Event Flow of World Tourism Day 2021:
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