Pallavan 2.0

Abiraami Yogaalayam's PALLAVAN 2.0 a Social awareness program on World Tourism Day-2021

Pallavan 2.0
Abiraami Yogaalayam is an unique yoga retreat center promoting yoga for attain inner peace, physical fitness and spiritual goals. The whole team invest one hour per day for their selves towards physical,mental and spiritual fitness and also concerned few social impacts. Recently,we honoured the covid -19 frontliners (Doctor,Nurse,Ambulance driver,Police and house keeper) with a sand sculpture at shore temple, receives massive response in public, published in newspaper and also telecasted in television too.

This time we decided to make a social awareness program to enhance the ancient Tamil drama art namely “Therukoothu” with a title of PALLAVAN 2.0. Its an imaginary concept as the four best kings of pallava dynasty(CE 275 to CE 897) who come back again in Sep 27,World Tourism Day-2021 for visiting their creations like monuments and temples in Mamallapuram, especially the shore temple (a UNESCO world heritage site). The drama artist wear the kings costume and explore the special monuments and roam the whole city with their horse ride. A complete interactive session with a local tourist guide who seeks more information from kings and perspective about their architecture. The kings also wondered that their creations are very much attractive from global tourist said by Guide. The Pallavan 2.0 is a live street show will go such a creative manner as well as touched the do's and dont's of tourists and host for preserving this marvels for future generation. Approximately 1500 years old art treasure is still stands majestically. Each and Everyone’s responsibility to preserve the art wonders for our future generation.

The government hold all official celebration due to Local body election till October,so the event celebration will be done in mid of November-2021. Coming 27 sep,2021 we,the yoga students,Local tourist Guides and drama artist sit together and finding a best shape for the script and individual contribution for the event and utilize the day most creatively to start the Pallavan 2.0.

Meeting place and date
27 September 2021- 6.00 am to 8.00 am on shore temple Mamallapuram,Tamil nadu,India.
Contact info.
[email protected]
+91 7358545425,
+91 7358545426

Pallavan 2.0
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