Shai Hills Natural Resource Center, Ghana

Challenged Expedition

This event is a strategic community-inspired, person-centered, impact, values creation and purpose driven educational, social, intercultural, inclusion and diversity management Eco field trip, sightseeing, excursion, adventure, outdoor recreation, leisure, active, healthy living and lifestyles activities, experiences, courtesies or services.

Organized on World Tourism Day free of charge!

For one of the most vulnerable, underprivileged, marginalized, deprived and underserved minority groups in Ghana. Who unfortunately, are often neglected and confined to the periphery of social, cultural, economic, developmental, family, community and societal structures, Persons Living with Disabilities.

To assist and enable them also, to be part of World Tourism Day Celebration.

By KraTravel (Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd), an indigenous Ghanaian private sector Tourism, Travel, Destination and Events conceptualization, development, planning, management, organizing and promotion startup Social Enterprise.

In essence, this event seeks to creates, strengthen, elevate and amplify grassroots and broad based public education, storytelling, information dissemination, outreach, awareness raising, sensitization and advocacy.

To bring into the mainstream public, social, local communities and national discourse, talking points, narratives, limelight, focus and attention. The humiliating, agonizing, pathetic and detrimental public, private and social architectural/infrastructural, transportation, spaces, places, facilities, amenities, information, events and services.

Particularly, tourist sites, attractions, locations, establishments, activities, experiences, courtesies and services accessibility difficulties, challenges, limitations and barriers. Faced by Persons Living with Disabilities in Ghana.

This event is also aimed to serve as a transformational platform to leverage, compliment, support, amplify and/or promote inclusive Tourism advocacy in Ghana.

Add your brand, corporate and/or personal name to this community inspired, impact, values creation and purpose driven event through charitable donation and/or sponsorship.

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