AM NEWS | VOL. 65 June 2024

AM NEWS | VOL. 65 June 2024

Dear Affiliate Members,

I am pleased to introduce you to a new edition of the Affiliate Members Newsletter. This monthly publication will inform you about the latest news, events, and initiatives related to your membership and the Affiliate Members’ network. Also included is the updated calendar of events for 2024, featuring the main UN Tourism events.

The Middle East has taken center stage in the tourism sector in recent weeks. The latest UN Tourism Barometer reports that the region has demonstrated exceptional growth, with international arrivals surpassing pre-pandemic levels by an impressive 36% in Q1 2024, marking a 4% increase from Q1 2023. Additionally, the Middle East played host to the AIM Congress and the Regional Commission for the Middle East.

As the next UN Tourism Statutory Meetings approach: the 121st UN Tourism Executive Council, the Regional Commission for Asia and the Pacific & Forum on Gastronomy Tourism for Asia and the Pacific, and the Regional Commission for Africa; we are optimistic about counting on a high level of engagement from our Affiliate Members, whose perspective from the tourism private sector is crucial to the development of an inclusive, accessible, and sustainable tourism industry.

We are also pleased to report that the new tools and functionalities of the AMConnected+ platform have been received positively by Affiliate Members. The userfriendly interface, inspired by the most widely used social networks, allows for easy navigation based on interests through Regional and Thematic Channels. The mobile version and other available features reflect our commitment to providing value to the UN Tourism Affiliate Membership. For those Affiliate Members eager to navigate the platform with more confidence, we are organizing a new Webinar on how to use AMConnected+. Stay tuned to AMConnected+ for more information about the upcoming events and initiatives for Affiliate Members!

The Affiliate Members Department is committed to collaborating and supporting our Affiliate Members’ projects to the best of our abilities. We are always available to hear your comments and feedback.

Yours sincerely,
Ion Vilcu

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