AM NEWS VOL. 40 APR 2022

AM NEWS VOL. 40 APR 2022

Dear Affiliate Members,

I would like to start by informing you that on the 27th and 28th of April in Madrid, UNWTO will hold an Extraordinary Session of the General Assembly to vote on the suspension of the Membership of the Russian Federation. This decision was taken by the Executive Council at its emergency session which took place on the 8th of March.

Focusing now on the Newsletter, this issue includes some of the most relevant activities carried out by the Affiliate Members Department in the last month, along with some future initiatives that will soon be held.

On the 21st of March we organized the first session of the UNWTO Briefing for Affiliate Members, this time focused on the upcoming Global Youth Tourism Summit. This is a new format aimed at offering first-hand insights on upcoming major UNWTO events and initiatives.

Moreover, I am very happy about the active role of the Affiliate Membership in the framework of the 48th UNWTO Regional Commission for the Middle East, held in Cairo on the 28th and 29th of March. I had the opportunity to present a report of the main activities implemented by the department in the past year, with a specific focus on the region, and I was accompanied by a representative of the Board of Affiliate Members, the Red Sea Development Company, who transmitted to the governments the main needs and priorities of the Affiliate Members.

Also, I would like to highlight that on the 5th of April we held a briefing session dedicated to the Members of the Board in which the Chair, Ms. Mar de Miguel, shared details about the debates which took place at the emergency session of the Executive Council on the issue of the possible suspension of the Russian Federation.

About the upcoming initiatives, it is worth to mention that on the 21st of April we will hold a new session of the Webinar on how to use the AMConnected platform, for the participants to get to know more about its basic functionalities and so get the best out of it.

Lastly, I am glad to say that we are already working with our Affiliate Members on the implementation of some of the initiatives and activities that were included in our Programme of Work 2022 and we are preparing the Affiliate Members’ participation in the other upcoming UNWTO Regional Commissions.

As always, I am at your disposal and look forward to hearing any comments you might have.

Yours sincerely,
Ion Vilcu

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