AM NEWS VOL. 37 DIC 2021

AM NEWS VOL. 37 DIC 2021


Dear Affiliate Members,

I am pleased to share with you the Vol. 37 of our AM News Bulletin, a special edition focused mainly on the activities and outcomes of the 24th UNWTO General Assembly, held in Madrid from 30th November to 3rd December.

First of all, I would like to express my great appreciation to all those Affiliate Members who managed to be with us in Madrid to attend this crucial session of the General Assembly. More than 120 Affiliate Members participated in-person, making of it one of the UNWTO events with the largest representation of its Affiliate Membership.

Beyond this, I am pleased to highlight some of the main achievements of the Affiliate Members Department, which will hugely benefit our network. I refer in particular to the approval of the new Legal Framework of UNWTO Affiliate Membership, adopted by the General Assembly after being previously approved by consensus by the 43rd Plenary Session of the Affiliate Members. This is a landmark for our membership that I am convinced will increase the value we can offer to our network.

Moreover, I am very satisfied for the fruitful debate on the Programme of Work 2022 that arose during the Plenary Session. The PoW is the roadmap document outlining the main objectives and lines of action of our Department, and all the interventions made by our Affiliate Members showcased their interest to collaborate on projects and initiatives.

I would also like to highlight that we held another successful edition of the Affiliate Members Corner, a space for our Affiliate Members to promote their projects and initiatives contributing to the recovery of the tourism sector.

Lastly, at the General Assembly we welcomed 36 new Affiliate Members, and I am confident that they will bring real added value to the Organization thanks to their knowledge and expertise on a very diverse range of tourism’s components.

I would like to reiterate my sincere appreciation to all those who accompanied us in Madrid and, for those who were not able to do so, I hope to meet you all at FITUR 2022!
I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a great start into 2022.

Yours sincerely,
Ion Vilcu

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