A Tour of African Gastronomy

An invitation to discover Africa through its gastronomy…

A Tour of African Gastronomy

So much of a nations’ culture is defined by food. UNWTO is proud to invite you to join our Tour of African Gastronomy. The rich and endlessly diverse flavours of the continent tell stories and rituals steeped in history.

Explore the legacy of centuries of amazing culinary traditions hand in hand with some of the most prominent figures of African Gastronomy. Over thirty Chefs will take you on a trip around the wonderful flavours and delicacies whose preparation alone is akin to a performance.

A Tour of African Gastronomy

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Couscous earns a place among the World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

CouscousThe knowledge, know-how and practices related to the production and consumption of couscous have been inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage on 16 December 2020 as a result of a joint application by Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia. Couscous is usually served with a range of side dishes, such as spicy stews, meats, fishes or vegetables, which vary according to the traditions of each place or cook.

Created to promote a better protection of important intangible cultural heritages worldwide and the awareness of their significance, the UNESCO list includes social practices of a country or region expressed by means of knowledges, know-hows, celebrations, art forms and other activities. The inscription of the culinary tradition of couscous, which joined other rituals inscribed, is a recognition and an opportunity to bring African Gastronomy to the world.