Country: Hungary

Website: http://www.nyiregyhaza.info.hu

Our company is a tourism destination management organization, which was established in 2009 and started the actual work in 2010. The founders are Local Government of Nyíregyháza, Association for Nyírség Tourism, Zoo of Nyíregyháza and Sóstó-Gyogyfurdok Inc. (the spa management company). The Association for Nyírség Tourism represents hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tourist attractions, other tourism service providers, educational institutions and professional bodies.

Our prior aim to facilitate competitive and sustainable tourism in the destination, to increase revenue for tourism, to strengthen the destination image and to realize tourism development.

Our main role is to combine tourist attractions and facilities so as to grow up competitive advantage. At the same time, we promote the destination by effective tourism marketing and we coordinate tourism development projects.

The Nyíregyháza DMO performs the following tasks: planning, network development, tourism product, service and supply development, sales-promotion, communication, partnership promotion, representation of interests and co-marketing.

Mrs. Marianna Furkone Szabo

Ms. Aniko Tatar

Ms. Boglarka Ilosvaj

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