Country: Japan

Website: http://www.ris.ac.jp/en/

Rissho University, established in 1580 as an educational institution for priests, is proud of its 430‐year history. In 1872, it was transformed into a modern educational institution. Today it boasts eight undergraduate faculties with 15 departments and seven graduate school research departments, all managed by Rissho Daigaku Gakuen.

The Faculty of Economics offers a curriculum that informs students about basic economic theory and helps them better understand complex economic system, using a balanced selection of subjects, from various perspectives. Its goal is to cultivate students with a firm grasp of various problems in contemporary economics who can develop their own ideas regarding possible solutions to those problems and are capable of independent action.

Moreover, the Graduate school of Economics has established advanced, unique research courses that look at issues from an economic / environmental perspective and aims to develop professionals and researchers who possess a wealth of knowledge and contribute to society in a variety of ways. The graduate school actively recruits international students from countries in Asia that are experiencing remarkable economic development.

Prof. Kozo Miyagawa

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