Country: Germany

Website: http://aviareps.com

AVIAREPS is a global aviation and tourism representation and management company with 51 offices in 42 countries. Its clients include more tan 200 airlines,airports, tourism destinations, hotels, retailers, car rentals, attractions, and more.
AVIAREPS offers tailor-made services, catering to its clients needs, and tailoring programs precisely to their requirements, mission and budget. These services include sales, marketing, Public Relations, advertising, IT solution and financial services.
AVIAREPS' mission is to "Bring People to the World, and the World to the People". AVIAREPS is commited to introduce tourism products to people and markets, providing sustainability and success for the latter, and encouraging deeper cultural understanding through travel. The result is a global network, bridging continents and cultures, creating interactions between places and people.

Mr. Edgar Lacker

Ms. Abigail Sigüenza

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