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Digital Resources

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Recorded Webinars

YouTube Channel 

External webinars:

Recorded Webinar: XXI Century Tourism: Changes, Challenges and Opportunities

  • Expert : Valeria Croce
  • Language: English

Recorded Webinar: Leeds Beckett University - UNESCO World Heritage Day

  • Language: English
  • Expert : Dr Simon Woodward

Recorded Webinar: MeTourism: Communication Perspectives

  • Institution: USI - Università della Svizzera Italiana
  • Language: English

Recorded Webinar: Viajar por el gusto

  • Language: Spanish
  • Expert: Marisa Carbajal

Recorded Webinar: Los ritos de hospitalidad en la experiencia gastronómica del viajero, el caso nahua bajo el paradigma de la memética

  • Language: Spanish
  • Expert: Marisa Carbajal

Recorded Webinar: Comensalidad y Turismo Gastronómico

  • Language: Spanish
  • Expert: Marisa Carbajal

Recorded Webinar: Cultura Cervecera

  • Language: Spanish
  • Expert: Marisa Carbajal

Recorded Webinar Uncovering the Invisible Burden of Tourism in the Caribbean

  • Language: English

Recorded Webinar : Le Tourisme durable comme vecteur d’une stratégie nationale ou locale d’économie

  • Language : French
  • Institution : Institution de la Francophonie pour le Développement Durable (IFDD) - OIF
  • Expert : Madina REGNAULT

Recorded Webinar : Les politiques de coopération internationale en matière de tourisme : le cas des PEID

  • Language: French
  • Institution: Institution de la Francophonie pour le Développement Durable (IFDD) - OIF
  • Expert : Madina REGNAULT

Digital Resources


Towards neZEH hotels - Benefits, Steps, and Guidelines. neZEH Training material for hoteliers

Designing a nearly Zero Energy renovation project in hotels, neZEH Training material for building professionals

Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism - KazAST


Investigating the Role of Digital Platforms in Indonesia’s Tourism Sector

  • Experts: Authors: Caitlin M. Bentley, Ilya Fadjar Maharika
  • Language: English

 Implementing Eco-Social Policies: Barriers and Opportunities. A Preliminary Comparative Analysis

  • Expert: Diletta Carmi
  • Language: English.

Emerging Mass Tourism in the South: Reflections on the Social Opportunities and Costs of National and Regional Tourism in Developing Countries

  • Expert: Krishna Ghimire
  • Language:  English

ORGANISATION: UN Women Training Center

UN Women eCampus:

  • Language: English

Manual on Training For Gender Equality:

  • Language: English

Leeds Beckett University

HL - the Swiss Hospitality Management School of Lausanne

The Innovation Department launched the HedUp blog that focuses on how to relieve pressure on businesses through opportunities and advices.

  • Language: English

"Essentials of Managing Underperforming Properties"

  • Language : English

EHL is partnering with Typsy, a global hospitality learning platform, which has launched COVID Support Plan backed by EHL's endorsement.

  • Language: English


University of Lusofona School of Economic Sciences and Organisations

Journeys of the Tourism Department

  • Language: Portuguese


Línea del tiempo de Cancún:
Biblioteca Antonio Enriquez Savignac:

Travel Foundation and Cornell University
STUDY/PAPER:  The Invisible Burden study

Bournemouth University:

UOC - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

How to Travel Nowhere by Going Everywhere” why culturally irresponsible tourism is hara-kiri tourism, Arato Miguel & Dhers Frantz & Payo Guiomar

Type:  Article:

COVID-19 and Ski Resorts (IV). The Road to Recovery”, Raúl Revuelta Carbajo

ICTA -  International Community Tourism Association

Center for Tourism Research Wakayama University

Universidad del Magdalena

HL - the Swiss Hospitality Management School of Lausanne

University of Lusofona School of Economic Sciences and Organisations

ENAT : European Network for Accessible Tourism


With growth comes accountability, Valeria Croce.

Can tourism confidence index Improve Tourism Demand?, Valeria Croce

Business Confidence and International Tourism Demand: Evidence from a Global Panel of Experts, Valeria Croce

Guía práctica y procedimental para evaluar y mejorar el potencial turístico del patrimonio natural y cultural. Herramienta destinada a gestores públicos y profesionales a cargo de la gestión del patrimonio, Franco Arone.