Needs assessment in tourism education and training. Human Resource Development Plans

This area of action is directed towards governments of UNWTO Membr States and aims to support and strengthen the capacity of National, regional and local tourism Administrations through two lines of work:

  • Sectorial Analysis of Tourism Education and Training: Supports National Tourism Administrations by offering technical assistance in the analysis of national tourism education and training systems; and
  • Identifying weaknesses in the system as well as gaps between the educational offering and the real needs of the sector.

A set of policy proposals, recommendations, and national/regional human resource development plans are developed based on this analysis. The final product of this action is a strategic document containing plans and programmes in education and training at the national or regional level. This programme can be complemented with other forms of assistance (defined on a case-by-case basis).

To request for this programme, National Tourism Administration of a UNWTO Member State should send a letter of request to the UNWTO Secretary General or to the Chief of the Education and Training Department, together with a short technical annex which describes:

Challenge or problem which led to the request.

  • Technical support which is expected from UNWTO/Foundation.
  • Final product expected from UNWTO/Foundation.
  • Based on the information provided, the UNWTO.Themis Foundation will work in coordination with the country to define the scope of assistance, and logistical and financial aspects of the project.

Evaluation of the institutions' strengths and weaknesses responsible for the management of the tourism sector. Proposals for improvement and technical support to build the capacity of these institutions. The findings of this evaluation enable Tourism Management Administrations at the national, regional or local level to identify areas for improvement. The UNWTO.Themis Foundation can also support in the development of education, training and capacity building programmes for the TMAs. This programme is in its development stage and will be available to Member States beginning in 2009.