The Government of Uzbekistan will facilitate visa processing for delegates attending the 25th session of the General Assembly upon presentation of the letter of invitation to the Assembly at the corresponding Uzbekistan Embassy, in accordance with countries' regulations.

For detailed information on countries whose nationals require a visa or are exempt from such requirement, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at

Application for e-visa can be submitted through the following link:

Citizens of the countries for whom there is no established visa-free or e-visa regime shall apply for visa in accordance with following steps: 

  1. Applicants shall fill an online form up at While filling the form an applicant shall indicate the place of obtaining the visa (the airport either in Tashkent or Samarkand).                  
  2. Having filled the online form, the applicant shall send to UNWTO Secretariat (Protocol Office) the following documents:
    • Copy of applicant's passport: the expiration date should be more than 6 months from the last date of visa's duration.
    • The scanned filled copy of the form in pdf format (it can be downloaded upon filling it online) with the signature of the applicant and the date of the submission.
  3. After approving the application, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Committee of Tourism of Uzbekistan will provide a certificate to present at airports in order to be allowed to get aboard.

The last day to submit application for visa is 6 October 2023.

For any enquiries about visas, please contact Ms. Ilenia García-Riano, Office of the Secretary-General, UNWTO, at