Investment Forum

The UNWTO Tourism Investment Forum will bring together global stakeholders, industry leaders, and investors to explore opportunities within the tourism sector. With a focus on the UNWTO Enabling Framework for Global Investments and the official launch of the Investment Guidelines for Uzbekistan, the event aims to equip participants with the necessary tools to identify, enable, and mobilize tourism investments. It also seeks to generate new insights for policymaking, addressing existing barriers and uncovering emerging opportunities while encouraging sustainable investments in the tourism sector.

The forum aims to achieve several objectives, including promoting sustainable investments in alignment with the framework, positioning Uzbekistan as an appealing investment destination, and fostering networking and collaboration among participants. Key sessions will revolve around the Investment Guidelines, the UNWTO framework, and panel discussions, creating an engaging environment.

Anticipated outcomes encompass raising awareness, driving increased investments, facilitating sustainable development, fostering capacity building, and strengthening collaboration across sectors on a global scale. The event will culminate in a grand awards ceremony, celebrating the ideas of the winning entrepreneurs of the UNWTO Megaevents competition recognizing exceptional projects and initiatives that leverage tourism to drive sustainable tourism development and create valuable educational opportunities. Furthermore, the launch of the guidelines seeks to attract responsible investments that contribute to Uzbekistan's economic growth while preserving its rich cultural heritage and natural resources.

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