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Education is crucial for the future of the tourism industry, enabling sustainable development and inclusive growth. To prioritize education, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is hosting this Education Forum, highlighting the vital connection between education and tourism development. This event aims to showcase the current state of education in the tourism sector, underlining the importance of investing in skill development and creating inclusive opportunities for all.

With a spotlight on identifying opportunities for shaping new policies and effective instruments to support inclusive and sustainable tourism development, closing the skill gap and fostering value-added jobs, the forum aspires to shape a progressive educational landscape. The event will showcase key UNWTO activities such as the innovative education toolkit, the new Bachelor of Science in International Sustainable Tourism and additional initiatives designed by UNWTO with top industry academic partners for secondary, tertiary, and executive education, highlighting the latest advancements in each domain.

By recognizing the significance of investing in tourism education, the session seeks to drive sustainable growth and excellence in the industry. This Education Journey will take centre stage, providing a roadmap for comprehensive and forward-thinking tourism education by providing a holistic approach that addresses the diverse needs of learners at different stages, from secondary to tertiary and executive education, crucial for meeting the evolving demands of the tourism industry.

In addition, and highlighting the commitment of the UNWTO and its partners to advancing education in tourism and driving sustainable growth and excellence in the industry, the forum will feature the highly anticipated Ulysses Awards, honouring exceptional achievements and initiatives in the field of tourism education. 

The Forum’s comprehensive programme seeks to inspire and mobilize stakeholders, policymakers, educators, and industry leaders for collective action. It aims to cultivate a progressive educational landscape that empowers learners with essential skills, fosters inclusive opportunities, and encourages innovation to drive sustainable growth and excellence in the tourism industry, where education serves as the catalyst for transformative change.

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