HumanX - World Tourism Day

Art Village Karjat, Maharashtra, India

UNWTO has identified investments as one of the key priorities for tourism’s recovery and future growth and development. For World Tourism Day 2023, UNWTO highlights the need for more and better-targeted investments for people, for the planet and for prosperity. Now is the time for new and innovative solutions, not just traditional investments that promote and underpin economic growth and productivity.

We are thrilled to announce Mandeha in collaboration with Art Village Karjat for an event "HumanX”. This event is designed with the tourism industry students in mind, aiming to provide them with valuable insights into the evolving industry of wellness and sustainable tourism.

Event Details: Half Day event
Event Name: HumanX - World Tourism Day
Date: October 03rd, 2023
Audience: Students of Garware Institute

2:00 PM - Check-in and Welcome drinks
2:30 PM - World Tourism Day Event Commences
3:00 PM - Travel Psychology-Based Activity
4:30 PM - Snacks Meal
5:30 PM - Art Village Tour
6:30 PM - Closing Ceremony

Event Highlights:
Keynote Address by UNWTO
Travel Psychology based personal Eco-Wellness and Sustainable Activity.
Exclusive AVK Tour

Our partnership with Art Village for this event ensures an immersive experience, featuring activities that blend travel psychology with eco-wellness, sustainable tourism and green investments, and an exclusive tour of AVK, where they can explore artistry and sustainable practices firsthand.

It's a chance for your students to witness the future of tourism and discover innovative solutions that align with UNWTO's vision.

We believe that this event will not only broaden their horizons but also inspire them to be the change-makers in the tourism industry. We invite you to encourage your students to join us on 3rd October, 2023, for what promises to be a memorable and impactful World Tourism Day celebration.

We eagerly await your students' participation and look forward to creating a brighter future for tourism together.


HumanX - World Tourism Day
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