Journey Cart Holidays India Pvt Ltd (JCH)- Organizes & Participates in the Pune City Heritage Walk

Journey Cart Holidays India Pvt Ltd office (Holiday Division of BTW Visa Services India Pvt Ltd)

Journey Cart Holidays India Pvt Ltd will be taking its Employees for a guided Heritage walk of Pune City scheduled on 27th Sep 2023.

With this initiative, the Organisation will help create a deep impact on the social, political and cultural Heritage of the city and enlighten the awareness amongst its Employees who are the Residents of the beautiful city.

Experiencing the multifaceted city and its transformation over the years can best be experienced through Heritage Walks in the city.

The Heritage Walk would be conducted by veteran Historian Dr. Ganesh Raut who has completed his Ph.D in History in 2012.Head of Department of History and has a teaching experience of 17 years.

He will take all JCH Employees through the city but through an experiential journey across different times and eras.

The Heritage Walk is an excellent approach to help know the city better and this event will well converge with the Motto and theme of Responsible, Sustainable & Universally acceptable tourism on the auspicious World Tourism Day

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