National Tourism Short Film Festival 2023

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India has different castes, religions, languages, food culture, living standards, gender, festivals, communities, values, and strengths. Tourism is a very important part of the industry worldwide. Many countries have an economy based solely on tourism. Development and tourism are two sides of the same coin. India is a land of celebrations and colours.

National Tourism Short Film Festival (NTSFF) is organized every year on the 26th & 27th of September organized by the Parbhanna Foundation and Agro Tourism Vishwa. We are working to boost tourism in the country & taking it to a different level. It is the initiative By Mr Ganesh Chappalwar, Chairman of Parbhanna Foundation and founder of Agro Tourism Vishwa.

Through NTSFF, this festival has been organized with the intention that people from all over India should nurture and experience, write and read about the various forms and shades of tourism.

The National Tourism Short Film Festival, (NTSFF) this platform has been created to promote local tourism, rural tourism, tribal tourism, eco-tourism, and other forms of tourism including agricultural tourism.


National Film Archives of India
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