Country: Japan

Website: http://www.nihon-kankou.or.jp/home/


Our Principles:

  1. Work to develop a tourism-oriented country through various opportunities to have the public learned on its importance and involved in activities.
  2. Promote tourism development in regional and/or nationwide for the sake of both residents and visitors.
  3. Give opportunities to train and educate professionals in tourism industry in the various criteria and curriculum (so called ´Tourism Academy´) in order to invigorate the tourism industry.
  4. Support the regional communities in making their unique traditional, cultural and nature assets to meet the tourism demand.
  5. Endeavor to enhance the international competitiveness of domestic sightseeing areas and establish bidirectional tourism.

Our Adjectives:

JTTA has been serving domestically for tourism development in Japan through our various activities for eighty years.

Some of our activities are:

  1. Operating national movement for tourism by establishing specified organizations from all industries in Japan.
  2. Supporting regions (cities and towns) in achieving their tourism development through our consultation.
  3. Managing so-called ´Tourism-Academy´to train and educate professionals in various subjects of the tourism field.
  4. Operating JATA Tourism EXPO Japan
    JATA Tourism EXPO Japan has been launched since 2014 under the consolidation between Tabi-Haku (outbound)-operated by JATA and Tabi-Fair (domestic) - operated by JTTA, together referred to as ONE JAPAN, to assist tourism growth in Japan.
  5. Building a good relationship with neighbor countries such as PR of China, Korea and Taiwan. JTTA also supported a mission for visiting Seoul and Beijing which involved more than 3000 people. Moreover, JTTA has the role as the organizer in Japan for International Travel Fair Taipei, which is the biggest travel expo in Taiwan.
  6. Working as a window and Secretary General in Japan for WTTC activity since 2012.