1. Challenges

Challenges will be launched on UNWTO Students League website on last day of each month.

The monthly Challenge will reflect a real tourism issue that the sector is facing; it will be focused on real problems looking for real solutions in areas.

Each League will comprise a set of challenges created specifically for one level of studies (undergraduate - Bachelor / post-graduate-Master / etc).

The Challenges will be fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, with an emphasis on Goals 8, 12 and 14, in which tourism is featured, and proposals should match Challenges with specific SDGs.

2. Teams

2.1 Team composition

Only 1 Team per University (first come-first served basis)

Teams from the host country of the Final 4 Competition will automatically qualify to participate as long as their registration is complete with all required documents and they meet the criteria regarding level of studies, 1-Team-per-University basis.

Teams are composed of 5 students in their before-last or last year of tourism/hospitality studies and will only be selected if they have completed the registration by established deadline and they meet all the criteria of the particular League.

The Team will always be able to recruit a 6th Team member for each challenge depending on the subject of the Challenge and will give the name and degree coursed on the answer of the challenge (see below).

The Teams will have their own Team access to the UNWTO Students website where they will find the challenge and where they will post their answers

Participants must be a natural person, of legal age and with legal capacity to enter into a contract, not having been convicted by a final judgement, for intentional crimes, with a penalty of six months or more, insofar as the criminal responsibility has not expired.

Participants who, initially or at any point during the programme, fail to meet any of these requirements, may be excluded from the programme, losing any option to receive any service and without the right to claim anything from the UNWTO.

The data that participants provide when registering in the programme must be true, and therefore any participants whose data is incorrect or incomplete shall lose any option to participate in the programme and to receive any service.

The organizers of the Programme reserve the right not to accept or to remove from the programme, without prior notice, any participants who, in their opinion, act fraudulently, in an abusive manner, or in a manner contrary to the spirit of the programme, the principles of the United Nations or the law, third-party rights and/or good faith. Likewise, any participant or related person whose action may be contrary to the reputation or good name of the UNWTO may be removed.

None of the above actions shall entitle any participant or potential participant to any right or claim whatsoever for damages, expenses incurred, etc.

2.2 The candidatures must contain the following:

University name & logo + letter presenting the Team

Team Details (name of Team, contact person, contact details & Team video)

Team member details (Names, surnames, degree, age, CV, photo)

2.3 Exclusion from participation:

Those who do not comply with any of the requirements established in these terms and conditions will not be able to participate, with UNWTO having the right to exclude those who do not meet the established requirements, or even not to deliver the prize, as the case may be. Employees of UNWTO may not participate.

Minors are excluded from participating in the competition. UNWTO shall be liable for any false, inaccurate, obsolete, incomplete or erroneous data submitted by the participants. In such a case, the participant shall be automatically excluded from the competition, and also lose the right to the enjoyment of the prize, and shall not be entitled to make claims against UNWTO.

The Teams that do not have travel insurance will not be able to participate in the finals.

The Students League. Competition Rules
The Students League. Competition Rules

3. Answer from Teams

The Teams will upload their answers on their individual team access on the website

The Teams will have 20 days to answer the Challenge. The deadline for submission will always appear on the challenge.

The language for the answers is English

The Team answer will be posted online and will have to include:

A list of the names of 5 core Team members + name of optional 6th Member

SWOT analysis of the Challenge posed

The solution:

1. Explanation of the idea in a max. of 4 pages must include:

a. Description of the idea
b. How to implement the idea (process, timeline, stakeholders, partners to involve)
c. Contribution to the SDGs (how and to which SDG)
d. Benefits of the idea in the short-term
e. Benefits of the idea in the mid-term
f. Benefits of the idea in the long-term

2. Relevant images (graphs, infographics, photographs, etc) to be included as an annex – separate from the written pages

Teams will win points for each challenge depending on the final grade of the solutions presented for each challenge in order to establish a monthly league board – that will be updated every month on the online platform.

4. Scoring

The UNWTO Students’ League Jury will have 10 days to score the proposals based on a precise and easy online scoring system.

Each jury member will have an individual anonymous access to the scoring page.

5. Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation will be carried out online directly on the UNWTO Students’ League website

Most accurate, innovative and useful challenge solutions provided by the teams will grade higher in the UNWTO Students’ League

These aspects will be evaluated by the Jury:

Innovation and originality
Feasibility of implementation
Implementation model
Effective contribution to solve the challenge
Impact on the SDGs
Consistency in format and presentation requirements

The Jury will score these aspects with numbers from 1 to 10.

The score given to the Team will be the sum of the scores given for each aspect.

Every month, the Team’s score will automatically be added to the previous scores obtained by that Team, creating a month-by-month global score.

The Team will appear on the scoreboard in the place corresponding to the Global score obtained.

6. Final4 Competition

The 4 Teams with the highest Global score at the end of the League, will be selected to participate in the Final4 Competition.

At the end of the League, should there be draw (equal Global scores) between several Teams that would decide the 4 Teams to participate n the Final4 Competition, the Jury will convene and evaluate the overall participation of those Teams with the same score.

The Final4 Competition will consist of an onsite, live competition, during which the Teams will have to answer a final challenge and defend it in front of the Jury Panel.

7. Industrial and Intellectual Property and Protection of Personal Data

In case the processing of personal data is necessary for the running of the Programme, the organizers of the programme assume the following commitments:

To use the data communicated solely for the purpose of the competition.

To ensure that the persons authorized to process personal data shall undertake to respect confidentiality and that the data will not be communicated to unauthorized third parties

To take all necessary measures to provide a level of security appropriate to the risk that may arise from the processing of personal data and ensure the safety and integrity thereof, as well as to prevent their alteration, loss, accidental or unlawful destruction, treatment, disclosure or unauthorized access.

If there is another entity in charge of processing, to impose the same protection obligations established in the applicable regulations.

The participant may exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending a postal mail to the registered office of the Organizer indicated in the heading of the present Legal Bases or sending an email to the address to contact the Organizer indicating the right that you want to exercise and attaching a copy of your Passport, National Identity Document (DNI) or equivalent documentation.

The participant expressly consents, and this through the mere fact of participating in the Programme presented herein, that UNWTO may use of his/her name in order to make the winning project known to the rest of the participants and without any remuneration being generated in his/her favour.

In submitting their applications, the project promoters guarantee that:

The projects are original of their authors and/or they have free disposal or ownership over them. Participants undertake to exempt the organizers from any responsibility and hold them free of liability with respect to any legal action, claim or demand that may be filed in relation to intellectual property rights or personal data of third parties with respect to the projects they submit.

In the event that the projects are a unitary result of the collaboration of several participants, the project will be treated as a collaborative work, with the resulting rights belonging to all of them as co-authors.

The participant authorizes UNWTO to upload the project summary to their respective official websites, and accepts that visitors to the web pages have access to said information in accordance with the conditions of use of said website.

The participant authorizes the use by UNWTO of the name and title of his/her project, without time limit, for the purpose of being mentioned on the website or for any actions or events related in any way with UNWTO, as well as for its recording in the historical archives and storage media of diverse nature of UNWTO and linked to the programme.

The UNWTO shall not claim any ownership over the information offered or any industrial or intellectual property it may contain. The participant does not assign to the UNWTO industrial or intellectual property rights derived from the projects.

The participant expressly authorizes UNWTO to use their personal information with the objective of sharing information with them regarding events and activities that may be of their interest.

The participants accept their transfer of data to the UNWTO once the contest has ended.

8. Final considerations

This Programme may be modified, interrupted and/or cancelled if there are justified circumstances that so warrant. Likewise, UNWTO reserve the right to declare all or any of the benefits unawarded, in the event that no submitted project meets the expected quality, in the opinion of the decision-making team

9. Acceptance of the terms and conditions

Mere participation in the Competition implies the acceptance of the entire content of these Terms and Conditions. The non-acceptance of any of the points that make up these Terms and Conditions supposes non-participation in the Competition and, in the event of being selected and/or being declared the winner, the automatic waiver of the prize.

10. Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the general principles of international law, to the exclusion of any specific national law.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions or in relation to them shall be construed as a waiver of the privileges and immunities of the UNWTO.

The Students League. Competition Rules
The Students League. Competition Rules
The Students League. Competition Rules
The Students League. Competition Rules

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