Country: Italy


Activity overview:The primary goals of the University of Bologna are teaching and research, in a multi campus structure. This University protects and renews its cultural heritage, meeting the different needs of society. The School of Economics, Management and Statistics offers English-taught programs at both undergraduate (International Tourism and Leisure Industries) and graduate level (Tourism Economics and Management).

Specializations, Areas & Projects: The web sites of both the Bachelor and of the Master in Tourism give full details of the specialization provided. Regarding the area of studies we are involved in the Tourism Economics and Management field,  research in tourism related projects, with special focus on sustainable tourism, environmental and social approach, partnerships with estimated European Universities, mobility programs all over Europe and Overseas. The doors of the University of Bologna are now open to refugee students with the Unibo4Refugees project.

Strategic vision: Unibo has a strong commitment to investing in sustainable development, as stated in the “Unibo Sostenibile” plan; substantial investments are made in the digitization of its procedures and documents, not only to increase the efficiency and speed but also to enhance dematerialization and the reduction of environmental impacts; the development, innovation, transfer and enhancement of knowledge to the benefit of individuals and society as a whole with new entrepreneurships initiative.