UNWTO Academy is looking for 1 EXPERT for an online UNWTO Academy Talk

UNWTO Academy is looking for 1 EXPERT for an online UNWTO Academy Talk

UNWTO Academy is looking for 1 EXPERT for an online UNWTO Academy Talk on Tourism Development in a Post-pandemic Period to be held in December 2021, with the following competencies:

  • proven experience on the topic of the initiative
  • have broad international, and private and public experience
  • be able to work and speak fluently in English
  • have very good experience on teaching and training
  • have abilities and skills to share knowledge in an interactive and practical manner
  • preferably know the tourism reality of the region
  • preferably have a good knowledge of UNWTO's work and programmes
  • proven experience in using Zoom platform
  • proven experience in online education

This UNWTO Academy Talk, to be delivered from Beijing (P.R.C) on Tourism Development in a Post-pandemic Period aims at discussing the impact of COVID-19 to the industry from a comprehensive industrial perspective with in-depth views of industry leaders from travel companies, hotel chains, government officials as well as tourism academies.
This 1-day masterclass will develop the following topics:
Morning Session: The impact of the covid-19 pandemic on tourism sector and its recovery from different perspectives

  • Speech 1: Chinese Policy Adjustment in Tourism Sector to Eliminate the Impact by the Pandemic
  • Speech 2: Tourism Recovery from Covid-19: International Destination Experiences
  • Speech 3 Tourism Recovery from Covid-19: Industry Perspectives

Afternoon Session: Tourism recovery and the new trends in APEC region.

  • Speech 4: An index model to evaluate the recovery status of the regional tourism market
  • Speech 5: Regional cooperation on cross-border tourism market reopening and policy adjustment
  • Speech 6: New trends of tourists’ behaviour from OTA’s perspective

The expert is expected to provide the following services, with the support and under the supervision of the UNWTO Academy:

  • Prepare and develop the documents and content for the masterclass over a lapsed time of 2 weeks.
  • Participate actively and effectively with participants.
  • Write a report, with recommendations for further initiatives of similar characteristics.

If you wish to apply, please fill out the application form before 8 November 2021.
If you have any problems, do not hesitate to write to capacity@unwtoacademy.org
All candidacies will be considered and evaluated, but only short-listed candidates will be contacted.