Since the establishment in 2004, a total of 38 observatories have joined the UNWTO INSTO Network: eight in China, one in Greece, two in Brazil, five in Indonesia, one in Croatia, one in the United States, one in Guatemala, one in Italy, one in Argentina, one in Australia, three in Portugal, six in Spain, two in Canada, one in Colombia, 3 in Mexico, and the last one to join us from Batanes, the Philippines.

The first observatories were established in 2006. While China led this early pioneering work, the network counts today a total of 38 destinations around the world that are passionately engaged in the continuous and timely measurement of the impacts of tourism, serving their stakeholders with up-to-date and reliable evidence for better decision making processes at the local level.

While it is mandatory to measure at least to some extend the eleven issue areas, each observatory is different in its structure and focus. Due to the context-sensitiveness of sustainability in general and the structures and characteristics of the destinations in specific, INSTO does not require members to specifically monitor pre-defined indicators, leaving enough flexibility in terms of the content and focusing more on the processes and innovative tools and techniques used by the destinations.


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