About the Regional Programme for Europe

About the Regional Programme for Europe

Regional Programme for Europe serves the UNWTO Member States in achieving even greater standards of performance in Tourism Policy and Tourism Governance by establishing adequate contents in the UNWTO Programme of Work.

These contents should relate to the common objectives of Tourism Policy, such as development, mitigation of climate change, employment and other Millennium Development Goals, and the use of tourism to assist other public policy objectives.


  • Maximize participation of, and benefits for, the European UNWTO Member States.
  • Create a strategy and a subsequent programme of work based on the state of the art in Tourism Policy and Tourism Governance.
  • Benefit from the synergies that exist between the UNWTO Programme of Work and external institutions and businesses for the execution of the contents of the strategy and the Programme of Work.

Range of Activities

  • Assist Member States in the development of strategies in the context of turbulent markets.
  • Use instruments addressing the issues of quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Prepare and implement programmes concerning the creation of value such as innovation in technology areas, human resource development and leadership, capacity building for public officials, reengineering processes in the public sector, new products.