Working visit on Tourism Market Intelligence and Marketing Planning with The Gambia

From 15 to 17 April the Regional Department for Africa (RDAF), in collaboration with the Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness department (TMIC), welcomed a delegation from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Gambia and the Gambia Tourism board to the UNWTO headquarters in Madrid for a three-day workshop for Destination Managers.

Mr. Jaime Mayaki, Deputy Director for the Regional Department of Africa, and Ms. Sandra Carvao, Chief of Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness welcomed the delegation to UNWTO. The working visit was divided into three main focus areas: understanding, planning and managing, and communicating. Sessions were given by UNWTO experts and the visit concluded with a presentation by Ms. Elvira Marcos Salazar, Deputy Director General of Strategy and Services to the sector, Turespaña and Ms. Gaelle Daverio, Senior Sales Consultant at Amadeus.  

The working visit touched on many subjects relevant to the promotion of tourism in the Gambia, such as how to differentiate yourself from your biggest competitors, how to use technology to your advantage, how to scale away from the monopoly of tour operators and the difficulties for individual travelers, the best ways to manage and communicate in a time of crisis, and useful UNWTO initiatives, such as the training offered by the UNWTO Academy, the UNWTO.QUEST and TED.QUAL certifications.