Country: United States of America


The main business objective is to create the world's largest adventure travel club. 

For this intention we envisaged a multilingual (7 languages) Web-platform/E-marketplace intended to create, publish and purchase travel reports written by independent travelers. 

its aimed to bring together the largest community of active travelers and all king of groups of expert travelers united by a thirst for adventures. As well as, commercial organizations, media channels, producers of advertising products and services who are ready to use in their promotional activities elements of sponsorship. it is designed to help independent travelers to share their travel experience with others adventurers worldwide and earn on it, without the costs of creating and promoting their own travel blogs. Satisfying the needs of advanced tourists to travel for free, on one hand, and to provide the business with a convenient mechanism of additional advertising, on the other hand. 

Mr. Sergiy Chutchev

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