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The founding principles of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) academics
and research are freedom, peace and humanity, international mutual
understanding, and the future shape of the Asia Pacific region. In addition to
these, the College of Asia Pacific Studies, the College of International
Management, Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies and Graduate School of
Management have each established human resource development goals and a
curriculum in order to educate the leaders of tomorrow's international society.
Within the organization, Tourism and Hospitality Program (THP) of APU has
succeeded in receiving TedQual certification in March 2018 expressing our highly
commitment for implementing the global codes of ethics for tourism. In this
regards, based on the vision of the freedom, peace, and humanity, international
mutual understanding, which are the mutual value of both APU and The Global
Code of Ethics for Tourism, The mission of the Tourism and Hospitality
Program(THP), College of Asia Pacific Studies is to enhance the human resources
in the tourism and hospitality industry to achieve the development of the Asia
Pacific Region, to promote peace, unconstrained mobility, and exchange in the
Asia Pacific Region and beyond through tourism.

We aim to nurture and produce talented people that have the ability to establish
regional and local identity, and to promote regional development on the basis of
the tourism and hospitality industry.
Tourism and Hospitality Program Action Plan:
1. The teaching of "tourism studies" as an interdisciplinary, applied and integrated
learning system.
2. The promotion of problem based learning (PBL) through cooperation with the
communities and industries.
3. Promoting the mobility of world-class students, faculty and staff.

Mr. Kazem Vafadari

Ms. Yukiko Samano

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