National Board of Tourism Bulgaria

Country: Bulgaria


NBT is Bulgarian's largest association of tourism and travel professionals. Our members include companies from the hospitality and leisure industry. We are leading advocate for investors in the tourism and related business activities in Bulgaria, which represent a significant part of the national GDP. In overall business, the organization has always enforced statehood and sound economic practices. NBT's mission is to facilitate investors’ business engagement in tourism through effective representation, knowledge sharing, and industry standards. NBT is Bulgarian’s largest association of representatives within the hospitality industry. Founded in 2007 by several leading hotel groups and independent hotels, NBT now comprises all most influential investors in Bulgarian tourism. As national largest hospitality association, NBT encompasses every aspect of tourism experience. The mission of NBT today is to consolidate all professional, product and branch organizations in Bulgaria.

National Board of Tourism represents the interests of the Bulgarian tourism industry and its related economic activities in preparing and implementing the governmental policy in the area of the tourism development. As the strongest NGO in the sector we collaborate the Bulgarian Government, all public institutions and non‐governmental organizations in the country, as well as with EU institutions, European nongovernmental organizations and international community related to the area of tourism. We are dedicated to support and assist our members with the establishment of business contacts, to promote their achievements and protect their united interests, related to providing of investments, a proper regulatory environment and frame work for their growth and information for business partners both locally and internationally.

Mr. Martin Zachariev Georgiev

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