INFLOW Summits

Country: Turkey


INFLOW is an abbreviation to "Influencers of the World". Our unique version of today's growing platforms, that actively partners leading renowned brands with professional bloggers, expert digital influencers, social media content creators and hip digital trendsetter on a global level through the tourism industry.

INFLOW provies the overall, behind the scene organisation into the creation of Brand-2-Influencer Summits at an international scale. Be it in travel and some other industries where digital marketing is paramount, INFLOW paves the way in inventing unique marketing methods to perfectly partner the brand and digital influencer from anywhere around the globe. 

INFLOW SUmmits will host the INFLOW Travel Summit 2017 in Istanbul this April 18th and 19th. The world's leading digital influencers in the travel industry will come together with leading brands and participate in several activities including, keynotes, panels, networking get-togethers and structures 'matchmaking sessions' to share ideas, collaborate and engage in a unique style.

INFLOW Travel Summit is a different experience that is both brand and influencer focused at the same time. Not only in the level of organisations professionalism and venue but also the variety and coverage of digital influencers from all over the world that differentiates this world-class event. 

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