Fundação Parque Tecnológico Itaipu - Brasil

Country: Brazil


Contributing in a decisive way to the development of the west region of Paraná was the great motivator for the creation for the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI) in 2003. A technological park promotes the synergy among companies, research centers, labs and education institutions, linking education, research, technology, innovation and businesses. Together, these activities generate development in several dimensions. PTI is installed in the old accommodations of the workers who built Itaipu Power Plant and, with and innovative model of operation, these spaces gave place to education and research institutions, classrooms, labs, company incubators, government entities, private companies and the society for the scientific and technological development, innovation, competence training, technical qualification and the strengthening of productive activities of the territory. Every day, about 5 thousand people from more than 40 nationalities pass by PT. 

Mission - Promoting the sustainable territorial development through education, science, technology, innovation, culture and entrepreneurship. 

Vision: Making Itaipu Technological park known, up to 2030, as a reference in the promotion of sustainable territorial development. 

Ethical principles: respect, cooperation, integration, solidarity, equity, transparency, honesty, committment. 

Strategic goals:

- Promoting the scientific and technological development and the innovation of Itaipu's and the territory's interest

- Contributing to competence training, technical qualification and appreciation of the human being in the territory

- Promoting actions that contribute to the social, cultural and environmental development in the territory

- Contributing to the strengthening of productice activities in the territory

- Improving, continuously, the management of the PTI Foundation - Brazil, in order to add value to its goals

- Guaranteeing the economic and financial balance of the PTI Foundation

Mr. Fabiano Pavoni Nogueira

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