Country: Seychelles


The foundation acts as a clearing house that deals full-time with sustainable tourism,
that connects, collects, shares, lobbies, implements and raises funds for this
endeavour and is the main focal point for all sustainable tourism matters in the
country. With the vision of making Seychelles an international best practice example
for sustainable tourism through an integrated collaborative approach between public,
private sector and NGOs. The SSTF´s action planning is based on a strategic
framework using the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Destination Criteria (GSTC)
with the aim of supporting the Seychelles to apply to be certified as a GSTC
destination in five years. The main activity for the first year of operation will be the
organisation and hosting of a Conference for Sustainable Tourism in SIDS, from
November 22-24 2017 in cooperation with the University of Seychelles, TAPAS and
GSTC, with two main conference themes: Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas and
Tourism´s social responsibility. The conference is seen as a starting point for future
joint partnerships and projects on national and regional level.

Ms. Diana Körner

Ms. Ina Laporte

Ms. Daniella Payet