School of Economics and Management in Public Administration in Bratislava

Country: Slovakia


The central aspect of education at our school is learning to make a propoer performance in the field of economics and management. The school undergraduate programmes belong to Slovakia highly regarded ones. We have a very diverse student population in Slovakia, and our school system encoruages collaborative learning and teamwork, as well as brining students of many disciplines intro daily contact with each other. This is why undergraduate and graduate degrees are si highly prized by employers in private, public and third sector professions. Overall objectives of the school programme are:

- To act as independent and free higher education institution to provide a relevant study programme at a nation-wide comparable level
- To bring up public administration and regional development officers by providing relevant knowledge in compliance with current European trends in eduation
- To provide information on rapid development trends in economics and management in public administration and small and medium enterprises
- To contribute to higher participation of Slovak enterprises in a competitive environment by making full advantage of the benefits f globalization in the world
- To build up an educational and scientific-research institution in accordance with the school leaders strate
- To equip students with the skills to conduct research and enquiry within the field of education and cnosequently to enable them to pursue postgraduate study in education



Dr. Viera Cibakova

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