Country: Spain


Goldcar Rental‭ ‬is the leading car rental company in the Spanish tourist sector, with an extensive network of offices and airport services.‭ A total of 35 commercial offices open and a prominent presence in major tourist resorts, allow us today to presume of business figures we are very proud of.

Our objective is to become a reference and an organisational model to be followed in the locations where we are implanted, with a clear vocation to grow as a business, consolidating the positions that we attain. Our comitment to innovation as a means of improving the service we offer to our customers, and for improving the company´s efficiency and effectiveness, are aspects that directly influence its growth. The Group´s goal is to continue promoting its international expansion, making the most of its strategic positioning and encouraging its growth in this way. 

Mrs. Marian Horta

Mrs. Verónica Morcillo

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