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Chemonics International Inc. is an entirely employee-owned international development consulting firm that has been leading private sector development programs since 1975 in more than 145 countries around the world. Chemonics has managed 1198 contracts in all key development areas. including tourism industry development, and currently implements 112 contracts in 68 countries. Chemonics has more than 550 staff in the Washington, DC headquarters and over 3000 staff in the United States, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Chemonics has implemented numerous tourism development initiatives around the world and is currently implementing the USAID Building Economic Growth Through Sustainable Tourism (BEST) Project (; the largest dedicated USAID-funded tourism development activity in the world. BEST is the latest in a four phase tourism development initiative managed by Chemonics since 2005. With $36 million of the $98 million in funds allocated by USAID to date, BEST seeks to support Jordan´s transformation into a globally competitive tourism destination. The project works closely with government, non-government and private sector tourism stakeholders to strengthen the country´s tourism facilities and services, improve the management and promotion of tourism sites, boost marketing efforts and encourage tourism to secondary sites. It also seeks to address the dearth of women working in tourism and promote the employment of youth in this sector, where demand for skilled workers is high.

See project report for an overview:

Mr. Ibrahim Osta

Mr. Preston Motes

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