Country: Cambodia

Website: http://www.autoriteapsara.org

Created in 1995, APSARA National Authority is the national authority in charge of the protection and sustainable development Of Angkor Workl Heritage Site and the region of Siem Reap. The establishment of the authority was in fact among the first concrete steps taken by the Royal Government of Cambodia towards sustainable development, along with the protection and promotion of cultural heritage.
In this sense, APSARA's (acronym from French: "Autorite pour In Protection du Site et l'Amenagement de la Region d'Angkor / Siem Reap") main objectives are to manage monuments, ancient hydraulic system, cultural tourism, vegetation as well as local community living in the site since many generations.
It is also to note that since 20 years via the ICC-Angkor (International Coordinating Committee for Angkor), APSARA has been the privileged partner with the international teams for the conservation and sustainable development of Angkor. There are today 18 countries working in Angkor.
Along with all its activities, APSARA's philosophy has always been to comprehensively train Cambodians in all fields of research, conception and management.
To fulfill its tasks, APSARA has also adapted modern management style yet originated from Khmer cultural funds. It operates within a Government framework with an inter-ministerial structure based on the willingness to bring administrative practices towards a fruitful and efficient partnership with the national and international community.

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